Agora Digital's Solutions.

Agora has 4 current operating subsidiaries.

Bitstream Mining LLC

Bitstream Mining has recently secured 12MW power contract for a cryptocurrency mining operation in West Texas; Bitstream also plans to participate in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ (ERCOT) responsive reserve market by relinquishing its power back to the Texas grid as power stabilization events are needed.  

Barrier Crest LLC

Barrier Crest LLC offers hedge fund administration services and has a large growing client base.

Trend Discovery Capital Management LLC

Trend Discovery Capital Management LLC invests in a number of early-stage startups through its venture capital strategy.

Trend Discovery Exploration, LLC.

Through Trend Discovery Exploration we are evaluating the use of stranded natural gas to power turbines used for crypto currency mining.

Agora also has a number of in-progress acquisitions and business lines which are expected to close in conjunction or shortly after the company’s IPO. Agora plans to buy a broker-dealer to ensure that it has the ability through FINRA licensure to buy and sell securities for institutional (and ultimately retail) customers including a future cryptocurrency trading desk. Agora plans to acquire a money transfer license (MTL) and has formed an entity called OTZI LLC which will be the future owner of a yet-to-be developed FinTech application which will allow retailer users to seamlessly make transfers between crypto, cash, and credit. We will be partnering with a FinTech incubator to identify young, visionary talent in the space and we may even consider creating our own incubator.